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Tax Preparation

Somebody has to love it and Ronnie does! Nothing is out of her reach. Ronnie is licensed to do taxes in all 50 states and is authorized by the IRS to represent you in any IRS situation.

Asking a lot of questions, finding all possible deductions, putting the puzzle pieces in the right places at the right time to maximize your benefit. What is best for you is not the same as the next client - and may not be the same for you next year! Each return is unique and is completed with Ronnie’s special attention and caring.

There is no cookie-cutter answer, so your return will not "fly" through the process at G&R Tax. Ronnie works with you – she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she educates you on what has been done. Ronnie will make sure that your complete, long-term tax picture is reviewed so that she can give you the correct guidance and counsel that has your whole life in mind.